Valve Automation Mounting Kits

Nitz Valve Hardware generalized product offering

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Special handle lock-out kit

Standard 3-Way assembly

Special linkage kit for a choke valve

                                                               High-temp. kit with finned coupler & Phenolic spacer

Typical stem extension


Special mount bracket and coupler at left Transition plates coupler at right

Valve to actuator with manual over-ride kit

Namur mounting kit

Some standard mounting kits including a   machined spline actuator bushing, direct mounting transition plates, a machined "double d" insert, and stainless brackets.

Standard style lock out kit

These are just a few examples of the linkage kits we fabricate. Our price book contains many of our available linkage assemblies along with the pricing that goes along with them. Please go to our services page for more details and to download the current version of the price book.

We offer valve automation linkage hardware for most applications. Our standard mounting kits consist of a bracket, coupler, and fasteners. Carbon and stainless steel materials are available for all of our standard kits and most special application designs. All carbon steel items that we manufacture are shipped with a black industrial grade enamel paint. We also offer a two step industrial epoxy red primer or other colored epoxy coating.

Nitz Valve Hardware offers linkage kits of many different styles. Below is a list of the linkage assemblies and kit options that we can provide along with a brief description:

  • Valve mounting kit: valve to operator linkage for basic open close operation.
  • 3-way assembly: two valves to one operator on a pipe "tee" (not provided) using arm or chain linkage to operate both valves.
  • Switch / Positioner kit: accessory mounting bracket (and coupler when required) to mount a switch or positioner to an actuator.
  • Valve handle options: extended height kits to extend the valve handle a special distance from the original location; chain handle kits to allow for quarter turn operation using a length of chain; custom valve handle to provide options not included by the manufacturer such as lock outs, "tee" type handle, or position stops.
  • Stem adapter, insert, drive nut / bushing: machined adapters to allow for direct drive adaptation and mounting without plates or brackets.

  • Manual over-ride kit: valve to operator linkage using one or two brackets and couplers to link valve to manual over-ride and manual over-ride to actuator.

  • High temperature mounting kit:  along with the standard linkage assembly, this incorporates one or more of the following; extended height, finned or perforated coupler, heat shield, and or and Phenolic spacer block all designed to greatly reduce heat transfer for the valve and pipe line to the actuator.

  • Special mountings per customer: we have the capabilities to fabricate nearly anything. Send us your prints or call for details.

  • Stem extension mounting kit: valve to operator linkage using an outer tubular bracket and an inner drive tube; available from 4-inch tall up to 20-feet or more tall.
  • Manual switch kit: accessory mounting kit to mount a switch to a valve for manual operation.
  • Gear op. hand-wheel options: hand-wheel extensions to extend the hand-wheel a specific distance from the original location, and hand-wheel lock out kits. (may require gear in house to produce)
  • Linear operator kit: mounting for a linear motion cylinder to operate a quarter turn valve.
  • Tandem assembly: two valves running in the same or parallel pipelines operated by one actuator.
  • Transition plate: single or dual plate assembly to mount valve to actuator with valve stem directly mounting into the actuator.
  • Mounting kit with lock out: along with the standard mounting linkage, this also incorporates a pin lock out that goes through the bracket and coupler to provide locking positions in open, closed, or both.
  • Mounting kit with travel stop: along with the standard mounting kit, this incorporates a travel stop to limit the amount of open or close distance a valve will be allowed to travel. The travel stop uses an adjustable threaded stop rod that mounts through one side of the bracket, and a paddle that is welded to the coupler at any degree increment.

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