How to order mounting linkage kits

Nitz Valve Hardware, Inc purchase order requirements

Nitz Valve Hardware requires a formal purchase order to be faxed or emailed to us. When ordering please be sure to include your preferred shipping method, ship to address, and any pertinent account information. If you have ordered the assemblies with us in the past please include the past purchase order number along with the date of the order. We have also been assigning assembly part numbers to our kits for about three years now, and this number would have been listed on the shipper, invoice, and the tags we attach to the kits. Please include this number along with the assembly description whenever possible. If you have not ordered with us before, or do not have any past information available, please list each application as a separate line item and include a complete description of the application. Please see the example below.

Example application description:

Size, Make, Model/Figure Number, mounting to Make, Model/Figure/Size Number

2" Example ball valve series "M" 300# Reduced port to Example actuator 38sr34


Send your orders to:

Fax: (989) 883-2772

Vincent R. Nitz, President

James M. Leppek, Sales & Engineering

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